Makkah, the City of Healthy Cardio

The Cardio Free Disease City Plan Project is an initiative to make Makkah Safe for people with heart disease. The initiative mainly focuses on the increase of survival rate among pilgrims suffering from heart attacks by reducing response time to 5 minutes.

The Project of Measuring the Transformation to Government E-Transactions

Each government entity measures the transformation of Government E-Transactions every six months according to indicators and a mechanism developed and supported by the Program, in away enables government agencies to constantly measure their transformation during the year. These indicators are included in the annual report of the agency and copies of them are sent to the program.

The Global Health Survey Project

The Global Health Survey project provides data that reflects the health reality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all members of society, both citizens and expatriates, in cooperation with the Transformation Office of the Ministry of Health, General Authority for Statistics, Ministry of Interior and Wadi Makkah Company for Technology to form an information base for decision makers.

Al-Huda Program for the Female Visitors of The Grand Mosque

Wadi Makkah Company for Technology contributes to supporting charitable projects to serve the third sector and to improve the outputs of its business directed to various community groups, including (Al-Huda Program for the Female Visitors of The Grand Mosque), which aims to educate female visitors about the positive role of the influential Muslim woman in society.