Discussing Aspects of Cooperation between Wadi Makkah Knowledge Company and the Academy of Arabic Poetry


HE Dr. Mansour Muhammad Al-Harthy, Director of the Academy of Arabic Poetry, discussed during his visit to the headquarters of Wadi Makkah Knowledge Company the aspects of cooperation between the two parties that would enrich Arabic language and its literary arts through a variety of academic and recreational activities and events.

This visit was due to the successes achieved by Wadi Makkah Knowledge Company in launching training packages in Arabic for non-native speakers, in addition to launching initiatives with various programs and different solutions aimed at facilitating ways to learn Arabic language and bringing its various knowledges closer to native speakers and others in order to achieve a positive view towards Arabic language.

Through its activities, the Academy of Arabic Poetry is concerned with supporting and publishing the studies of historical and contemporary Arabic poetry, rehabilitating those of poetic and critical talents and developing their abilities, supporting Arab poets and critics and honoring the distinguished persons among them, in addition to holding conferences, forums, seminars and lectures specialized in Arabic poetry, and issuing annual reports on the current movement of poetry, as well as providing everything that helps spread of poetic culture and document it scientifically.