Iqraa (Read) series to teach Arabic


It is a standardized test that measures the level of adequacy of the Arabic language among non-native speakers, and is designed according to internationally recognized standards and scientific principles in the field of measurement and evaluation through the close partnership between Umm Al-Qura University as an educational entity and Wadi Makkah as a commercial technical company and the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation as an approved body for measurement

[:en]The goals of the scale[:ar]أهداف المقياس[:]

[:en]Competitive advantage[:ar]الميزة التنافسية[:]


[:en]Comparative advantage[:ar]الميزة النسبية[:]

[:en]Target group[:ar]الفئة المستهدفة[:]

[:en]Registration link[:ar]رابط التسجيل[:]