“Learn Arabic Initiative Activities Recommendations Workshop” presents new work horizons for the dissemination and empowerment of the Arabic language


Learn Arabic Initiative, sponsored by Wadi Makkah Knowledge Company, owned by Umm Al-Qura University, held a workshop entitled (Learn Arabic Initiative Activities Recommendations: Work Prospects and a Draft Plan). It was attended by a group of management specialists, linguistic academics, and a group of specialists in teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers.

It is noteworthy that the Initiative held a number of events in the past year that concluded with a set of recommendations to enhance the presence of the Arabic language at the local and international levels, and its dissemination on social media, and to support specialized institutions and quality programs in such field.

The workshop concluded with a number of recommendations, the most notably is to consider the progressive levels of learning Arabic language and the preparation of programs offered to Non-Arabic Speakers, the design of programs and training packages for teaching the language for special professional purposes, and the importance of obtaining a language license by the job applicant to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The workshop emphasized the importance of entertainment programs that present poetry to children in a lyrical form, in order to teach them the classical Arabic language.

The workshop also emphasized the importance of having a unified national framework shared by institutes of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and making the necessary partnerships with the relevant ministries to spread and serve Arabic language.